Next meeting: 4 February 2010

The next meeting of the Amnesty English speaking group is at 7:00pm on Thursday 4 February 2010. We will watch a short documentary about Chobi Mela, a festival in Bangladesh. We will then discuss some human rights issues in Bangladesh and do some letter writing actions. The group also still welcomes feedback on activities for 2010.

The meeting is on the 10th floor at No. 2 Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei City. It is very close to Taipei Main Station. There is a page with a Google map showing the location.


One response to “Next meeting: 4 February 2010

  1. I was appalled to read this article ( saying that the majority of Taiwanese support the death penalty!

    The number one priority for the Amnesty Int’l chapter in Taiwan should be to change public opinion. It is also in a rare position to actually have a Minister of Justice who opposes the death penalty, and this opportunity is something we need to take advantage of. Taiwan cannot be a modern nation as long as it supports state-sponsored homicide.

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