Ideas for the group in 2010

The first meeting of Amnesty’s Taipei English-speaking group was held on 14 January 2010. It was a chance to discuss some ideas for the group in 2010. Five people attended including three new members.

Here is a list of ideas for activities for 2010.

  1. Event focusing on East Timor. This could include a screening of the film Balibo and a guest speaker.
  2. Event focusing on North Korea. This could include a screening of the film Crossing and a guest speaker.
  3. Guest speakers on various topics. Suggested speakers include Bo Tedards (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy), Lynn Miles and a representative of TIWA.

We also discussed the best time to hold meetings. In the past meetings were always held on Tuesday night. In recent times this has shifted to Wednesday and then Thursday. We need feedback about the most convenient time for people. We also need to consult with Omer as he had other commitments and was unable to attend the meeting.

Finally we talked about ways to encourage new members to come to meetings and participate in activities. Lidia suggested that we need to let people know that meetings are informal and you don’t need any special knowledge to attend. Meetings are a chance to meet new people and share ideas and information.

For those who couldn’t attend the meeting but are keen to be involved in Amnesty your feedback is welcome. Please leave a comment or send an e-mail to taiwanaie [at]


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